Morning Mashup 07/25

7 Signs We May Be Worshipping Our Family – Leading a family as parents in the way of the Lord is both one of the most thrilling things and frightening things in the world. While parents are called to love their family, it is easy to fall into family worship, as in worship of the family. Jason Helopoulos offers seven signs that may indicate heading into worship of the family.

Being Single to Give God Glory – Owen Strachan: “We don’t live a single life as a man or woman to gratify our deepest urges or shirk responsibility. Whether single or married, we embrace the life God gives us in order to live it for his glory.”

Iraqi Christians Appeal to World for Help – My heart breaks for Christians in Mosul and I boldly stand with these suffering brothers and sisters even as they fill up the afflictions of Christ (Col. 1:24).

Two Ways to Reduce Student Loan Debt – Rick Segal of Bethlehem College and Seminary says their are two ways to reduce student loan debt: “their way and our way.” I love what Segal proposes and I tip my hat to this kind of vision for higher education. As a student accruing loan debt by the semester, I pray that such a vision would become a reality in many institutions.

The Hero Story – Jim Hamilton: “When we consider the Messiah in the Old Testament, our minds are confronted with the answer to the world’s questions, the fulfillment of all yearnings, the satisfaction of the universal desire for beauty and joy and peace and, and well, everything. You could say it’s Hitchcock’s McGuffin – something everyone wants, needs and looks for at all costs – but the McGuffin may not be profound enough to capture the weight of this, the real thing. Jesu joy of man’s desiring. Indeed. Jesus is the ultimate object of C. S. Lewis’ Sehnsucht – he is the one who fulfills the inconsolable longing for we know not what.”

Please Don’t Say These Six Things at My Funeral – While I hope my funeral is a long way off, I echo the sentiments in this post. I pray to one day minister to people who want God glorified a their funeral, rather than them.

“If our hearts and our minds pant like a hart after the water-brook of God’s deep mind, it may not be pride, it may be worship.” -John Piper


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