Morning Mashup 07/21

ISIS Forces Last Iraqi Christians to Flee Mosul – NY Times: “By 1 p.m. on Friday almost every Christian in Mosul had heard the Sunni militants’ message — they had until noon Saturday to leave the city.”

When You Should NOT Submit to a Church – Jonathan Leeman of 9Marks carefully counsels Christians that there are certain situations when they should not submit to a church and its leaders, but instead should flee. His list of the characteristics of an abusive church and church leader is spot on.

Six Ways Your Phone Is Changing You – Tony Reinke: “What is life like now because of the smartphone? How has the iPhone changed us? These self-reflective questions may seem daunting, but we must ask them.”

To the Ends of the Earth – Check out this interview with professor Michael Haykin where he discusses his new book To the Ends of the Earth: Calvin’s Missional Vision and Legacy.

Cyclist Switches Tickets on Malaysian Flights – A Dutch cyclist says he was scheduled to be on both Malaysia Airlines flights MH370 and MH17 only to switch his tickets at the last minute. He calls it luck. I call it providence. Check out this amazing story.

Seattle Sounders Make a Wish Come True – The Seattle Sounders of the MLS made 18 year-old Xander Bailey’s wish come true. Bailey, who suffers from cystic fibrosis, started for the Sounders on Saturday and even took a shot from a Clint Dempsey pass. Don’t miss the full story.

The Road to Jericho and the Border Crisis – Russell Moore: “America’s southern border is engulfed in a humanitarian crisis, as refugees fleeing violence in central America, many of them unaccompanied children, seek safety. As Christians, we must recognize both the complexity of this situation and what it means to be people of justice and mercy.”

Revival is simply biblical Christianity allowed to be itself, taken straight, without inhibiting traditions or trends. –Ray Ortlund


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