Morning Mashup 07/18

Campbellsville University Has Not Changed…and THAT is the Problem – Pastor Andrew Dyer, a Campbellsville alum, analyzes the recent decision of Campbellsville University to sever ties with the Kentucky Baptist Convention. Dyer speaks from experience and shows why we should not be surprised by this decision.

Orienting on Homosexual Orientation – On one of the most pressing issues facing the church, I have found Nick Roen to be a very insightful and significant voice through the various posts he has written on homosexuality. Here Roen discusses sexual orientation and attraction, and how Christians struggling with same-sex attraction should deal with it.

Is Evangelical Morality Still Acceptable in America? – Alan Noble ponders, “Are some Christians being unfairly shamed out of the public square?” In the wake of the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision and the monthly defeat of bans on gay “marriage,” holding to an evangelical and biblical morality is becoming increasingly unacceptable. This is a helpful analysis of the situation.

A Church for Exiles – Carl Trueman: “We live in a time of exile. At least those of us do who hold to traditional Christian beliefs. The strident rhetoric of scientism has made belief in the supernatural look ridiculous. The Pill, no-fault divorce, and now gay marriage have made traditional sexual ethics look outmoded at best and hateful at worst. The Western public square is no longer a place where Christians feel they belong with any degree of comfort.”

Help Your Kids Say ‘No’ to Porn – Jen Wilkin: “We may stall on the sex talk, but the world will not. If we delay introducing the topic because of personal discomfort, shame, or uncertainty about how to begin, our children will form their first ideas about human sexuality based on the reports of their peers, the images on their devices, or the pop-ups that introduce them to porn. They will also assume their parents are not willing or equipped to handle discussions about sex.”

Dating Advice You Actually Need – There is much dating advice to be given to Christian teenagers and twenty somethings. Derek Rishmawy uses his experience in college ministry to offer some excellent and fundamental  dating advice. He writes, “I’ve come to see that there is one key mark of a maturing relationship centered and continually centering itself on Christ: both of you are absolutely committed to each other’s involvement in the local church.”

All 50 States Captured in Lego – Does Lego accurately represent your state? Not sure if we should all be amazed or insulted.

The question is not whether we will die, but whether we will die in a way that bears much fruit. –John Piper


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