“Justification Reconsidered: Rethinking a Pauline Theme”–A Review

511UGuWSPELStephen Westerholm. Justification Reconsidered: Rethinking a Pauline Theme. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2013. pp.103 . $13.21 on Amazon.

About the Author

Stephen Westerholm is professor of early Christianity at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario. Some of his other works include Perspectives Old and New on Paul: The “Lutheran” Paul and His Critics and Israel’s Law and the Church’s Faith: Paul and His Recent Interpreters. 


Justification has been a tough topic since the beginning of the early church (i.e. Galatians). It is a very important topic in our day because justification is how one is saved or made right before God.  In a few chapters in Justification Reconsidered, Westerholm takes and discusses works that have impacted the idea of justification. Justification reconsidered has seven chapters. In these chapters, Westerholm engages with scholars (James Dunn, NT Wright, E.P. Sanders, and others) who pose questions about Paul and the doctrine of justification. Westerholm engages the New Perspective of Paul, which sees Paul differently on the works of the law, human effort, faith, grace, the atonement, etc. Westerholm provides mountains of scriptures to provide his arguments. This book is a summary of the work Westerholm has done on the view of Paul. He holds to a “Lutheran” Paul. This work is a valuable asset to an orthodox view on Paul and it is like an ax chopping at the tree of the New Perspective.

Reasons to Buy this Book

1. If you struggle to understand justification, especially in light of recent debate, buy this book. Its 104 pages. If you’re not a reader, there aren’t any books on a topic like this that are this short.

2. The author’s arguments for a traditional understanding of Paul and justification are provided straight from Scripture, and it will make you a better Bible student.

3. My wife and I read this book together, and great discussion has come from it.

4. Justification might be one of the most important topics that is debated in our day.

5. You will not only find edification in reading, but enjoyment.

1557562_10153227664651515_1796309980_nEvan is an undergraduate student at Boyce College where he studies Biblical and Theological Studies. Evan lives in Louisville, KY with his wife, Lauren. You can follow Evan on Twitter @evan_knies.



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