Morning Mashup 07/14

Does He Need to Confess Adultery to His Wife? – A desperately sad situation with a very sober and poignant answer from Russell Moore.

How Do You Prepare Your Teenager for Adulthood? – Brian Croft offers some helpful advice on walking with children through the teen years. His intentionality is something all parents should embody and his example wouldn’t be a bad idea to take up. Read to see what he planned for his son and daughters for their thirteenth birthdays.

Can We Still Believe the Bible? – Here you will find a great review of Craig Blomberg’s newest book, Can We Still Believe the Bible?, which characterizes his work as a “deeply valuable and much-needed defense of the authority of Scripture in our modern age.”

Rest Because You Can – Is it a tad anticlimactic to share an article on resting on a Monday? Maybe, but this is just too good for you to miss. In fact, Monday is the best day for a reminder to rest! Jonathan Parnell writes, “We can put down our tools. We can close our computers. We can forbid those thoughts about that next meeting or those emails waiting for a reply or how the numbers aren’t as high as we’d like. We can stop and trust him who justifies the ungodly. We can trust that when Jesus died in our place on the cross, he died to destroy all the anxieties of our lack, to still our ceaseless striving, to hush the winds of our self-justifying labor, to irrevocably connect us to the abundance of his grace we possess by his work, not ours.”

LeBron James Coming Home – Cleveland Cavalier and LeBron James fans both rejoiced at his return to Northeast Ohio. LeBron definitely gained a number of new fans and supporters, mostly as a result of this heartfelt and super classy essay he wrote with Sports Illustrated’s Lee Jenkins where he announced his return to the Cavs.

The Difference Between Brits and Americans – With regard to English at least. This infographic humorously gives the lowdown on the different words Brits and Americans use for the same thing. For example, where Americans will call something or someone “awesome,” Brits will use the phrase “dog’s bollocks.” Why am I not British? Oh yeah, maybe because they call a sandwich a “butty.”

Faith has an insatiable appetite for experiencing as much of God’s grace as possible. –John Piper


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