Morning Mashup 06/23

Why We Love Athletes Like Tony Gwynn So Much – Barnabas Piper: “What makes us love athletes is the same thing that makes us love Atticus Finch, Mr. Darcy, or Winnie the Pooh: story. More specifically, being the hero of a story. We’ve never met our favorite characters, but we know and love them.”

How to Tell the Difference Between the PCA and the PCUSA – Joe Carter: “With two Presbyterian denominations with similar names meeting on the same dates it’s easy to understand how a reporter could get them mixed up. So what exactly are the differences between the two? Here are several key differences between these two distinctive Presbyterian denominations.”

What God Values More than Heart Motives – Don’t miss this post from Matt Smethurst. He writes, “Because the Lord cares much about our hearts, wrong motives are bad. But because he cares most about his truth, the wrong gospel is worse.”

When the Prospect of Pain Threatens Our Pleasure – Jonathan Parnell: “But what if, instead of letting the possibility of pain rob our joy, we led it to actually deepen the joy? What if, instead of letting our minds dwell on some future, mysterious experience of loss, we forced the overall prospect of tribulation to make us feel the joys of now more sincerely? — which is to say, we don’t mistake our laughter together as an end in itself, but as a wonderful gift given by God en route to something even more wonderful. The possibility of pain is no longer a threat, but a gentle wake-up call.”

David Prince on Andy Stanley…Again – Last week, Andy Stanley clarified his Twitter rant, but David Prince still sees a problem with Stanley’s words. I agree with Prince. Stanley’s apparent man-centered theology still shines through in his clarification.

“If we have to choose between Jesus and Millenials, we choose Jesus.” —Russell Moore


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