Morning Mashup 06/09

9 Things You Should Know About the Southern Baptist Convention – Joe Carter: “This week the Southern Baptist Convention meets in Baltimore, Maryland for its 156th annual meeting. Here are nine things you should know about America’s largest Protestant denomination.”

Pastoral Care, Confidentiality, and Sexual Abuse – Matt Capps: “What should a pastor do when a congregant confides that he or she has been or is being abused sexually? What should a pastor do when someone in the congregation exposes instances of sexual abuse involving others? When is it appropriate to break confidentiality?”

50 Novels Every Man Should Read – C’mon guys! Pick up some of these books.

What if Your Child is Gay? – Russell Moore: “Every child, whether gay or straight, is oriented toward sin, and so are you. If your child or grandchild says he or she is gay, you shouldn’t act shocked, as though you are surprised your child might be tempted toward sin, or that you find your own sinful inclinations somehow less deserving of God’s judgment.”

Sharpen Your Affections with Fasting – My wife and I were both heavily affected by this article from David Mathis. It prompted serious soul-searching and resulted in pointed resolution. Fasting is a ghost in much of evangelicalism, but it will no longer be in our household, partly because of this article. I could commend it to you more highly.

I believe that no matter how much we invest, from stained glass to strobe lights, without an appreciation of God’s holiness, our worship is fated to be superficial and, at best, momentarily moving. –Drew Dyck


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